Panel 1: Visions of Participatory Urbanism

7 April - 10-11am

As our cities and communities grow and change rapidly, they are confronted with new, increasingly complex problems. These challenges can no longer be addressed through ‘smarter’ approaches to technology, mobility or energy alone. In order to tackle problems such as security, equity, or sustainability public policies need to meet human needs.

Today, ‘better cities’ do not simply translate into larger, faster or more functional cities. It also means providing city residents with more social connectivity, public spaces and buildings with character; with access to cultural, sport, recreational, shopping, and green space amenities; safety from crime; and – most importantly – a voice to shape this development.

The panel aims to explore the role of participatory urbanism for achieving sustainable and equitable development and growth. Experts from different sectors discuss how a participatory approach can help to effectively address the complex urban challenges of today.

The panel will debate opportunities and challenges, framework conditions and limitations. It will explore how participatory urbanism can enrich and complement developments such as smart cities, green cities, urban equity and resilience. The discussion will set the framework of our 2-day discussion of the European Charter for Collaborative Urbanism.


  • John Zib Social Entrepreneur, Urban Media Specialist
  • Professor Mark Dyer Dean of Engineering at University of Waikato and Chair of EU COST Action People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World
  • Benita Lipps Executive Director, DaVinci Institute Brussels
  • Guilherme Serodio CEO at CoRe - Consumer Revolution
  • Guy Janssen Co-Director at moja global
  • Dimitri Lemaire Founder of PARTICITIZ

Panel 2: Inspirations in Participatory Urbanism

7 April - 11am-12pm

It is one thing to talk about Participatory Urbanism, and another one to make it happen in our cities and communities. This panel brings together some senior practitioners to share their experience with participatory approaches to urban planning and development. We will hear about great successes and great failures and discuss the opportunities and challenges of working bottom-up, with and for the community. 


  • Dick Gleeson Dublin City Planner
  • Professor Kevin M. Leyden National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Jim Segers City Mine(d)
  • Dries Gysels Living Street
  • Pepik Henneman Living Street & Director of Mister Lion